As human beings, the potential that we are capable of is astounding. Many people in the West are just now beginning to make the connection between energy, their thoughts and feelings, and the physical body and physical world. Eastern traditions have been aware of, practicing and refining techniques based on this connection for thousands of years. Shiatsu is an ancient massage therapy that likely predates acupuncture.

Zen Shiatsu is a comprehensive, holistic therapy that uses the meridian system of acupuncture without the need for needles. The physical body as well as the psychological and emotional bodies receive the benefits, revealing the inner harmony of the body-mind. This work is done over clothes, without oil, using stretching and compression techniques with palms, thumbs, elbows and knees when appropriate. Each session can vary from gentle and nourishing to strong and clarifying. Both of these aspects are often incorporated into one session as Zen Shiatsu works on the simple principle of balancing the kyo or “hollow” meridians through tonifying and the jytsu or “full” meridians through sedating and purging. Each session is an opportunity to connect directly to the harmonious flow of energy in your heart and in the heart of everything. 

What to expect from your shiatsu session:

Like for most experiences, coming in with an open mind and few expectations is recommended!

You will receive a 90 minute full body massage that includes compression and stretching done over your clothing without oil.  Please wear comfortable clothes you can stretch in, remove jewelry and watches prior to session, and have skin free from lotion and/or oil.  

You will leave feeling more relaxed, centered and connected to your breath.  Expect to breathe.  This is your part in the process.  Chi moves much more easily and powerfully with the breath.  Don't worry, I will remind you.  Conscious breathing expedites the healing process!

Most of my sessions go one of 2 ways:

a.) Clients are guided to a profound emotional/psychological/physical release and are gently guided to their highest and most beneficial vibrational alignment 

b.) Clients enter a semi-conscious meditative space and report deep relaxation, a nervous system or energy "reset" and subtle but profound and lasting healing.

I never know how a session is going to go! It's different each time for each individual.  My prayer is always for the highest healing and transmission of Divine Love.