What students and clients are saying...

I have had the honor of having Shiatsu bodywork by Chrissy. No words or amount of money can express the gratitude I felt after both of our sessions. Chrissy is intuitive and insightful. These were not massages, these were energy resets. A truly heart based, kind, and remarkable young woman.
— Marshall Pangburn, RN CNOR
We really enjoy our Yoga lessons with Chrissy. She is a wonderful instructor who mindfully shares her insights of life and integrates it into her yoga teachings. Her stye is very calming and meditative even when the yoga positions are very challenging.
— Robert Lohle & Mien Yap
Chrissy is a consummate spiritual healer and shiatsu practioner. Without exaggeration, my experience with her was one of the best healing sessions of my life; and I am by no means new to alternative treatments. Her ability to merge with my energy field and expertly intuit what I needed for the integration, balance, and purification of body, mind, and spirit was as rare as it was powerfully effective. Cannot recommend her highly enough!
— John Pellicci WPB, FL
Chrissy’s energy of deep compassion and presence creates a safe space for unwinding and deepening awareness of body, mind and spirit. Her shiatsu work is intuitive and uniquely her own, a subtle yet profound balancing of the nervous system, and relaxing nourishment for the soul. Together, her voice and her hands speak the language of the heart. Highly recommended!
— Jennifer Bonadio, Yoga and Meditation Instructor and Massage Therapist
We just wanted to write a few words about our experience with Chrissy. For 5 months last winter we were her yoga students 3-4 days a week. As relative beginners we were so happy to have found a teacher that would keep us safe and guide us to expand both physically and spiritually. Chrissy is caring, skilled and wise. She showed us that is possible to access our universal wisdom by staying in our back-body and getting out of the thinking mind. She is a gifted teacher.

We both had shiatsu sessions with Chrissy and were moved by the experience. She released emotional binds in both of us. It was nothing like any body work that we have ever had.
— Geoff & Nancy Thornton
I was just reminded of how blissed out I got during my session with you at Napili. It was somewhere on the border of deep meditation and sleep, and at the end I was refreshed, re-energized and felt totally present and at peace. From the outset I felt safe and cared for which enabled me to truly release everything and optimize the experience. I still smile when I think about it. Thank you so much for such a wonderful blessing.
Love, Bruce
— Bruce Strasser
Chrissy’s unassuming & gentle approach to a healing massage was such a gift. Her Shiatsu technique unwound my nervous system and body that left me feeling incredibly relaxed. I fell asleep several times throughout the session as it was so deeply relaxing. I also felt quite rejuvenated and energized afterward! I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who needed a healing session.
— Carla Jalbert
It is a great honor and privilege to know my sister as a teacher and a bodyworker. Chrissy’s ravenous curiosity and inexplicable wisdom shine through her when she teaches yoga and practices Zen Shiatsu. She is dedicated to exploring the marriage of the physical and spiritual worlds, and is passionately fascinated by each new revelation. She lovingly shares her knowledge and insight in both teaching yoga and practicing Shiatsu, creating a transformative experience that stays with you off the mat, and off the table.
— Jessica Kapoor
Every time I take a yoga class with Chrissy, I feel like I have just had a massage. I feel so good and blissed out after every class. The main reason is that Chrissy takes you on a slow and deep journey into your body and mind with her own mix of storytelling and alignment cuing. She knows the human body so thoroughly that she can realign your posture with a few simple words. Chrissy has helped me refine postures that I have been doing for years with incorrect alignment. She takes the time to explain body mechanics in new and different ways so that her students leave class with a deeper relationship of their individual yoga practices. She has transformed my yoga practice and for that I am eternally grateful.
— ~Ali Wasiutynski, LMT, Maui, HI