Qi Gong translates to "energy work" or "energy exercise." It is closely related to the concept and practice of Tai Chi which means a balance of opposites.  Whereas Tai Chi often has an external, martial application, qi gong has an internal, medical focus bringing harmony and balance to the body, mind and soul.  It is said that there are 10,000 (or infinite) different kinds of qi going forms.  They have been developed and refined by many different families over several generations so there are many different styles and lineages.  One common thread is the influence of Nature.  In Chinese traditions, nature is always observed because our external landscape can teach us a great deal about our internal one. What's going on "out there" is a macrocosm of what's going on "in here." So many forms include animal mimicry, and engaging with the energy of the cosmos and the earth.  

Turtle Longevity Qi Gong

Turtle Longevity Qi Gong is a turtle mimicry qi ging form that uses slow, gentle movements in combination with visualizations and breath to embody the virtues of a turtle including long life.  This form comes from the Wang family in China and has been passed down for 19 generations.  The legend goes, that at one time all the members of the Wang family were dying at a young age.  At around the same time a golden turtle showed up on their grounds.  Each time they removed the turtle to a nearby pond, it returned.  After many attempts to remove the turtle, they let it stay, and followed it around and began to move how it moved.  The members of the Wang family began to live very long lives.  Over time the form we know today as Turtle Longevity Qi Gong developed. There are 4 parts to the form.  The first 2 parts are standing and more dynamic.  Part 3 is sitting and mostly internal.  Part 4 is still and completely internal.  

I first learned this form sometime in 2010 from my teacher TJ Frank lac. Sometime after that I began practicing regularly.  Last year in 2015, I received the blessing to teach Part 1 & 2 from my teacher's, teacher, Roger Batchelor lac and Qi Gong master.  I'm honored to carry on the turtle spirit and am available for private or group instruction