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Every day I ask myself the question, "What is Yoga?" And through the practice, every day I find myself living into the answer.  I practice yoga when I wake up and get ready for the day, when I teach, when I work, cook, eat, spend time with family and friends. I practice yoga when I love, when I fall, when I disappoint myself, when I make art, when I make a mess, when I put myself back together...



"In Shiatsu, your patient is your master," said Shizuto Masunaga, the founder of Zen Shiatsu.  Each time I work with a client, I learn how true this statement is, how refined the art of listening can become to where you listen past the bones and breath and blood, listening to the oracle and intelligence of the body to guide your hands and movements.  Shiatsu is an art, a dance, an opportunity to move with Love and listen to its Wisdom...

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The greatest gift we can give ourselves and the world is our own loving awareness.  Sometimes to connect with our heart's truth we need to take a break from our routine and immerse ourselves in nature, try on teachings, see what resonates and wakes up and calls to our own inner teacher.  We emerge rejuvenated, refreshed and reconnected to the eternal wellspring inside of us.

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